Telus lies and cannot be trusted

TL;DR: No, you cannot have your Telus Zyxel VSG1423 set to bridge mode—despite what Telus may tell you before signing up. The equipment supports it, but Telus very purposely cripples it, forcing you to use inferior equipment to what you probably already have.

Long version:

So, a few weeks back, someone knocked on my door. It was a Telus representative. Normally I would just say “not interested” without letting the person even finish a sentence, but I was feeling charitable, and so I heard him out. Apparently, my neighbourhood had been upgraded for the new Telus fibre optic network. I could enjoy the same speeds that I had with Shaw for 3/4 the price.

It was a tempting offer especially since I had just received notice that Shaw was raising the cost of my internet by $5. I asked my new friend, Danilo, if the Telus equipment supported “bridged mode”, as I already had my own router that took care of my NAT and other networking needs. He wasn’t sure, so he got a technical personal on the phone. This person assured me that Telus absolutely supported bridged mode and this is how he had things set up as his house, too. So, I did something I would never do in a million years, and I agreed to tentatively sign up pending a more thorough review of any fine print, etc.

A few weeks later, and after confirming again that bridged mode was possible and that if I wasn’t satisfied with anything, I could cancel, I arranged for an installation date. The installer was nice and accommodating, and he got things wired up how I wanted pretty quickly; but he was not able to setup the bridged mode on the modem. He gave me a number to call.

I called the number the next day, and someone thought he knew how to do it. He made a change and said that if that didn’t work the way I wanted, I should call a different ADSL support number. I discovered later that his change did not enable bridge mode. All he did was disable the built-in wireless network. So I called yet another number, and they told me that they didn’t recommend bridge mode because it would make my network unsafe and open to viruses. Riiiiight… I said that I understood, but I would like them to nevertheless still activate it. I was then told that they didn’t actually support it, but I could probably activate it myself.

I won’t go on and on, but no, you cannot activate bridge mode even though the equipment (Zyxel VSG1423) supports it. There are various pages and forums discussing how to activate it, but they’re all old. Some even had a few root passwords to the Telus versions of the device, but they no longer work. So, after 2.5 days of having this unit plugged in, I have cancelled the service with Telus. The person who processed the cancellation was nice enough and apologetic. Hopefully it won’t be a huge hassle to get the charges reversed (not holding my breath).

While overall this was a minor inconvenience to me, by lying to me multiple times during my due diligence, I will never trust Telus again. I was already apprehensive about signing due to past interactions with the company, and when I decided to give them another chance, they unfortunately revealed their true colours. They have lost what could have been a long relationship with me, and because they contract out all of the installations, they are out of pocket for the cost of the installer to come to my house and do a bunch of wiring. They will also have to pay to have the modem shipped back to them, then they have to process it, reset it to factory defaults, and do whatever other work in their back office to undo all of the setup of this account. Nice job!